Can Dogs Eat Lychee? - Dangerous

Is this durable fruit toxic to dogs? Can they eat the skin? we answer all in this article


Yes, dogs can eat a small amount of the lychee fruit, but dogs should not over-eat it. Lychee is among several other fruits dogs cannot eat because dogs digestive system cannot break down the fruit’s seeds which are hard to digest.

Can dogs eat lychee?

Dogs 🐶 can only eat small amounts of the lychee fruit and dogs shouldn’t overeat it or they may get sick and their stomach upset. Here we learn why dogs shouldn’t eat lychees and what makes them sick. The seed as mentioned above can be dangerous to dogs as it contains cyanide.

According to Dr Anil Home they can eat lychee and that “it’s not harmful to dogs”. The number of lychees for a small-sized dog should be no more than 10 pieces per day; the same goes if you want your dog to drink water containing lychee juice; make sure your dog doesn’t drink too much water. If you own a big-sized dog such as Boxer or German Shepherd, make sure he/she doesn’t eat too many, portion control is key.

Do dogs like Lychees?

Lychees can be a refreshing treat during hot summer days. It also helps them easily get rid of heat from their bodies therefore you need to keep an eye on dogs when they eat lychee.

a big bowl of lychee
This durable fruit makes a great snack

Lychee nutrients & vitamins

The fruit has lots of nutrients dogs need such as iron, phosphorus, calcium and vitamin B. It contains 6 times more Vitamin C than oranges which dogs also really like. It promotes blood circulation in dogs, so dogs with bleeding disorders should avoid eating it.

The vitamin C in the fruit helps dogs fight the free radicals that attack their cells. In addition, the iron in the fruit helps dogs produce **more red blood cells&&. It is good for their skin and coat. Lychee also helps dogs build muscles and maintain their bone health. It maintains dogs' blood sugar level and prevents dogs from experiencing insulin resistance (when dogs' body stops responding to the insulin injected).

How much Lychee?

Although lychee dogs fruit has many health benefits, you should be careful with how much of it dogs eat each day. If dogs eat too many lychees, they may have diarrhoea or even vomit. Since dogs cannot tolerate spices except salt, make sure you don’t add cinnamon powder or sugar to the fruit before giving it to your dog as they may have allergic reactions to ingredients.

Dogs can eat lychee but in moderation; a few pieces of lychee once a week will be totally fine. Make sure you cut up small pieces so your pup can easily chew them and don’t give them too many pieces.

My dog ate the seed, what should I do?

It’s okay if dogs eat the seeds, just make sure they don’t swallow them whole since they can be a choking hazard. It usually takes 40-45 minutes for dogs to digest food so feed them after that amount of time has passed since they last ate.

Unripe Lychee is toxic to dogs, if your dog eats them we would recommend contacting your vet practice for advice, it’s unlikely anything serious would occur in terms of health conditions other than dogs just not feeling great for a short while.

My dogs have diarrhoea and have been throwing up

If your dogs ate lychee or something that dogs can’t digest properly, dogs will vomit and have diarrhoea. Depending on the number of lychees your dog has eaten, symptoms may include restlessness or excitement followed by breathing difficulties, increased heart rate followed by vomiting and diarrhoea then weakness and collapse.

Please go to a vet surgery immediately if you notice any of these symptoms after your dogs eating lychee or something that dogs shouldn’t eat.

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