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Common food queries and information on food and how they effect dogs, learn what’s safe.

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Dog Eat GuideΒ aims to provide the most comprehensive resource on the Internet for common food queries you may have on whether your dog is safe to eat certain foods, based upon their ingredients and nutritional information.

  • βœ… Learn how specific foods may benefit health
  • βœ… Know which foods you should avoid
  • βœ… Be mindful of side effects from certain ingredients

We try cover a large range of foods fromΒ Water MelonΒ toΒ Sour Cream, we give advice and recommendations to keep you updated & informed.

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Amanda Brennan

Amanda Brennan

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Amanda Brennan is an animal enthusiasts, she works closely with animals that require rehabilitation across the US, specializing in dog behavior issues 🐢. Amanda’s personal interests include running πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ and horse riding 🐴.


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