🥣 Can Dogs Eat Rice Krispies? - A Cereal For Dogs?

The popular breakfast cereal loved by many, can dogs also has this too? Lets look 👀


Yes, dogs can indeed eat the popular breakfast cereal. Rice Krispies provide dogs with a delicious, crunchy treat that is also good for them! Rice Krispies contain non-toxic, healthy ingredients such as rice and whole grains which helps make dogs coats healthier.

What’s in rice krispies

Rice Krispies are made up of different ingredients depending on the flavour of the cereal including sugar, malt flavouring among other ingredients.

For example, Rice Krispie’s chocolate-flavoured cereal includes sugar, cocoa powder along with artificial flavours and colours including Red 40 Lake which makes food appear red in colour, Yellow 5 Lake which is also known as tartrazine that makes food appear yellow in colour and Yellow 6 Lake which also makes food appear yellow in colour too.

Some varieties contain cocoa powder which dogs cannot eat in large amounts since dogs do not metabolize chocolate in the same way humans do. The cereal is made from rice and whole-grain wheat, which dogs generally enjoy. It is often used as a diet recommendation for dogs that are suffering from digestive issues or dogs who are overweight.

Your pup can eat rice krispies by themselves, although it is best to mix them with your dogs regular food so they get the health benefits of both foods. Rice krispies make an excellent snack or treat throughout the day, depending on how much you want to feed your dog .

a big bowl of krispies!

Are rice krispys bad for dogs?

Dogs do not have a difficult time digesting rice krispies. It is possible for dogs to be allergic to eggs in the same way that people are but it is rare. Although some dogs might experience reactions we can’t see anything that would cause this.

As mentioned above, avoid the chocolate variety because dogs are unable to digest chocolate. The cereal is completely safe for dogs to eat, so long as it does not have any chocolate in it.

How are dogs with diabetes helped by eating rice krispys?

Rice krispie treats are frequently recommended by veterinarians to dogs who are struggling with diabetes because they contain no sugar or fat. These treats are also considered beneficial for dogs that need to lose some weight by veterinarians and are therefore used a weight loss tool.

Nutritional values of rice krispies for dogs

Rice krispies contains some health benefits, the cereal offers balanced nutrition with high fortification in vitamins such as iron, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin which we’ll discuss below. Rice krispies are also high in fiber which dogs need to help keep their digestive system healthy.

They are not toxic to dogs but dogs should not be given rice krispies too often because the cereal can contains artificial flavours and colours.

Cereal are a great source of dietary carbohydrates that dogs need for energy throughout the day. Carbohydrates are needed by dogs to use as energy when they are running around or exercising. However, don’t feed your dog too many carbs at once because this can cause them to gain weight and suffer from obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and liver disease.

square bowl of the popular cereal


The cereal contains B vitamins, including Vitamin B1, thiamin and riboflavin which dogs use for proper muscle function production of red blood cells among other things. Vitamin B1 is also necessary for dogs ability to break down carbohydrates and fats so dogs need it for the promotion of normal growth.

Alternative - Cheerios

Cheerios are made from whole grains of oats, they do not contain harmful ingredients such as artificial flavours or colors which dogs should avoid ingesting especially dogs that have food sensitivities. Cheerios also provide dogs with antioxidants and vitamins. Dogs can have around 10-30 cheerios per day without overeating since it’s fairly low in calories. If you have a small dog then use the lower end of this scale for portion size 🐶.

They’re much higher in carbohydrate compared to dog foods, so could lead to weight gain if given too much. As a footnote, when feeding dogs any type of cereals be sure to read the ingredient label for anything that may harm them.


In conclusion, rice krispies are a great healthy dog treat that dogs love to have. The product does not contain many ingredients, none of which are harmful to dogs. They’re something your dog will really enjoy and due to being low in calories, there isn’t much concern here about weight gain.

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