🌭 Can Dogs Eat Slim Jims? - The Guide

Slim Jims are a great snack for humans, but is it the case for dogs?

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Do not feed your dog Slim Jims, it contains propylene glycol. If accidentally eaten Your dog will probably be fine if they eat a small amount, however in large quantities this is dangerous. Aside from the propylene glycol, they have a high fat and sodium content which isn't good for you dog.

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Slim Jims are made primarily of beef, and dogs can eat beef safely in small amounts. However, the product contains a lot of salt and other additives that can cause health problems. They’re packed full of sodium, which dogs should never eat in large quantities. Sodium can cause dehydration, which can be fatal for small dogs. More importantly, the additives found in this product are toxic for dogs. There are several nasty chemicals in Slim Jims, including propylene glycol. A 2010 study shows that propylene glycol is extremely toxic to dogs. More information can be found here


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Let’s go through a breakdown of a single Slim Jim (12.5g):

  • ⏲Kcals: 60
  • 🧈Fat: 4.5g
  • 🍞Carbs: 20g
  • 🥩Protein: 2g
  • 🧂Sodium: 210mg

👀 Watch out for:

❌ Propylene Glycol

This glycol has been linked to various ailments and issues such as lowering your dog’s blood sugar and cause kidney and liver damage. Large amounts can also cause neurological problems and seizures.

❌ Nitrate/Nitrite

This is only an issue when converted to nitrite which are preservatives that cause have been linked to hemolytic anemia. This disease is very serious, and it can cause death.

❌ Sodium

Considering the product is just 12.5g, it packs a lot of sodium which causes dehydration and stress on the kidneys

What to do if your dog ate Slim Jims

First don’t panic, If you think your dog ate multiple Slim Jims, we recommend taking him/her to the vet, especially if a small dog or puppy. The vet may test your dog’s blood to see whether he/she is suffering from any health problems. If your dog ate a large amount, the vet will probably keep him/her overnight for observation. They may also administer him/her fluids to prevent dehydration due to the high sodium.

Final thoughts from Dog Eats

Slim Jims are as good pretty unhealthy snack for humans, but they are more dangerous for dogs. Dogs should not be eating processed meat, and eating Slim Jims can cause health problems if fed over a long period of time. Keep your dogs safe by keeping Slim Jims out of reach!

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